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Cary Caster is the spirit of 21 Drops. After receiving her degree in Botany, Cary studied Aromatherapy in Europe -- where it is still practiced as an alternative treatment today. It was there that she earned her certification as an Advanced Clinical Aromatherapist. and where she became fascinated by “the transformative and healing powers of essential oils”.

Cary maintained a private practice where she used her blends to bring health and balance to her clients. As she cared for more and more clients, they became more and more amazed by the quick and natural results that they achieved by using these unique blends of therapeutic essential oils. Currently she shares her passion and expertise by sitting on the board of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and will be offering continuing education classes in Aromatherapy at the University of Miami’s iCAMP program and throughout the country.

In creating 21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy, she realized that there was something missing in the world of Aromatherapy. Although tried, true and proven, it needed to fit in with today’s world. “Her vision was to modernize the perception of Aromatherapy, make it relevant, hip, fun, natural, safe and easy to use and have it fit into our hectic lifestyles”.

21drops-seal.jpgShe experienced the “true magic” of essential oils while bringing up her three children. She kept a kit of essential oil blends close by to help them get up in the morning, inspire and focus them to do their best during the day and to effectively battle their childhood ailments… never treating them with antibiotics, but with natural blends of therapeutic oils for pain, colds and flu and all their childhood ailments…. “treating them in a natural way.”

“Today, more and more people are seeing a cross-over between health and beauty… and gaining a better understanding of how nature can help us heal our bodies and improve our minds. We are now re-discovering the science of Aromatherapy and “the real Power of Essential Oils”. Its time has come and Cary is determined to bring its promise and power into people’s daily lives… because it really works.”

With 21 Drops, Cary is committed to providing pure and effective essential oil blends, as she continues to create healthier and more beautiful lives.

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