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"21 Drops Natural Bug Spray is absolutely amazing. Right now we seem to have a huge problem with mosquitoes outdoors and they seem to love me the most. I recently helped my parents move and had to spend a lot of time outdoors. The first night I didn't use 21 Drops Natural Bug Spray and got eaten alive. The second evening I used the spray and didn't get a single bite. I've also been using it on my kids since it's natural and they too love being mosquito bite free! 

21 Drops Immunity Essential Oil Blend is a product I've unfortunately already had to use because my kids were all under the weather and I started to come down with it. I used 21 Drops Immunity Essential Oil Blend and so far I remained healthy. 

21 Drops Revive & Thrive Trio is a must have for moms. It helps you detox and focus, helping you to recover and get back on task. I've only been using 21 Drops Revive & Thrive Trio for about a week but I've already felt more productive, focused and overall healthy and energized. 21 Drops has an amazing selection of products and I highly recommend them."

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Quality Essential Oil Products from 21 Drops that You Will Love!


Originally Posted August 14, 2017

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