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Discover two natural remedies for colds that provide FAST relief

Don’t wait until a cold strikes you or a family member down to start the practice of self-care. Throughout the cold and flu season, you can use essential oils as a strategy to prevent nasty bacteria from taking its toll on your health and to boost your immune system. 

Proven Essential Oil Remedies:

Our go-to remedy for the most steadfast way to deal with the common cold for everyone (including kids) is our Breathe Essential Oil blend because it contains eucalyptus to fight contaminants, black pepper to ease congestion, myrrh to aid in breaking up mucus and ravintsara to ease congestion.

Experiencing a common cold today is something we seem to have grown entirely accustomed to. We’ve also grown accustomed to reaching for the go-to, over-the-counter cold medicines or prescription drugs to provide relief from the headaches, sore throats, runny noses and coughing but consider using a natural solution to tend to the common cold. More studies are proving that essential oils like eucalyptus can treat symptoms like congestion and even shorten your cold’s duration by significantly reducing inflammatory cell infiltration and bronchiolitis severity. 

Are there other essential oils that also have microbial benefits to ward off colds?

Research says “yes”. In fact,  there are other essential oils that may even be more microbiologically active but eucalyptus is recommended because of the safety a moderate dose provides. Its broad-spectrum antimicrobial action makes it an attractive alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Our Breathe Essential Oil blends ward off contaminants and germs as a lifestyle practice to maintain optimum health- especially during cold and flu season.

Essential Oils for Cold and Flu: 

Remember! Essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin. This is why all of our drops are pre-blended by a certified aromatherapist. We’ve taken the most potent and effective essential oils for congestion and pre-blended them in an easy-to-use roll-on blend that is specially formulated to help with colds, the flu, and other ailments that trouble the chest, nose, and throat.

Scientific Evidence: 

Effect of Eucalyptus globulus oil on lipopolysaccharide-induced chronic bronchitis and mucin hypersecretion in rats.

Used In These Blends:

  • Sleep Roll on
  • Organic Sleep Duo
    Organic Sleep Set
  • De-Stress Roll On
    De-Stress Organic Essential Oil Roll-On
  • Breathe Roll On
    Breathe Organic Essential Oil Roll-On
  • Muscle Ease Roll On
    Muscle Ease Organic Essential Oil Roll-On
  • Calm Mini Roll On
    Calm Organic Essential Oil Mini Roll-On
  • Sleep Mini Roll On
    Sleep Organic Essential Oil Mini Roll-On
  • Naked Immunity Roll On
  • Naked De-Stress Roll On
  • Headache Roll On
    Headache Organic Essential Oil Roll-On
  • Immunity Mini Roll On
    Immunity Organic Essential Oil Mini Roll-On
  • Sunshine Diffusing Oil
    Sunshine Organic Essential Diffusing Oil
  • Sleep Diffusing Oil
    Sleep Organic Essential Diffusing Oil
  • Mini Headache Roll On
    Headache Organic Essential Oil Mini Roll-On
  • Retro - Bringing back the original 21
  • Focus Roll On
    Focus Organic Essential Oil Roll-On
  • Detox Roll On
    Detox Organic Essential Oil Roll-On
  • De-Stress Infused Tattoos
    De-Stress Infused Tattoos
  • Custom Formula
  • Passion Mini Roll On
    Passion Organic Essential Oil Mini Roll-On
  • Nebulizing Diffuser
  • Naked Headache Roll On
  • De-Stress Diffusing Oil
    De-Stress Organic Essential Diffusing Oil
  • Brain Power Elixir (Focus Mist)