What essential oil is best for scars?

How to reduce the appearance of scars with essential oils...

Frankincense, widely known as the anointing oil, has been used for centuries in everything from perfume to incense to medicine. Studies show this essential oil is beneficial in several aspects of overall health, including emotional well being and oral hygiene and it can also used to help reduce the appearance of scar tissue. Over time, regular use of frankincense can help reduce the appearance of scars- even stretch marks. Our Equalize Essential Oil blend contains essential oils that are extremely nourishing like rose and sandalwood as well as frankincense. This essential oil blend can be used to apply to small or large areas of scar tissue but do not apply this or any essential oil to an open, fresh or unhealed wound.

Essential Oil Remedies for Scars:

Remember! Essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin. This is why all of our drops are pre-blended by a certified aromatherapist. We’ve taken the most potent and effective essential oils  for congestion and pre-blended them in an easy-to-use roll-on blend. If you're wondering if our Equalize Essential Oil blend is safe to use... YES, because we dilute our oils to the specific concentration, you can apply this blend directly to scar tissue. 

Scientific Evidence: 

Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of individual and combined extracts from Commiphora Myrrha, and Boswellia Carterii 

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