21 Blends. 21 Solutions...From Headache To Heartache. A 21st Century Approach to Health

21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy is a modern approach to Aromatherapy. It offers you a healthier, more beautiful way of living.

Our 21 blends have been created to empower you to feel better, be better โ€“ addressing your particular concerns and aspirations. Each one is customized and unique. By carefully combining the exact essential oils at the exact levels, they work in synergy to deliver their targeted promise. This is our definition of Essential Oil Therapy.

Select a blend that addresses your needs โ€“ from getting a good nightโ€™s sleep, to staying cool under fire, or even simply running that extra mile.

In fact, you can layer any one of our blends, customizing them to your individual needs. Light, portable and colorful, they drop in your purse or pocket for use throughout your day.

So maybe itโ€™s time to put down those sleeping pills and pick up a healthier way to dream.