Sahai: (Sanskrit) helper, companion, protector; 

(Swahili) sun goddess

Let's Get Personal  

One day in 2009, I woke up and instead of thinking of how bad I needed coffee, I thought, “I need peace.” A decade of working in investment banking had left me looking and feelingexhausted. I was anxious, losing my hair and my skin looked as bad as I felt.

I needed to reach the root cause of my imbalance and found myself immersed in my Indian heritage. I got certified in aromatherapy, Ayurveda and yoga and used time tested formulas and rituals to transform myself from feeling and looking overwhelmed to calm and vibrant. It became my personal mission to share the mind, body and soul (MBS) approach of self care through products that give you the confidence to glow inside and out. 

Alongside a team of scientists, dermatologists, aromatherapists, and Ayurvedic doctors, I began a learning journey that continues to this day. 

After reading hundreds of positive and heart-warming reviews – I know I am living my life’s purpose to help people relax inside and radiate outside.

- Kavita Sahai, CEO & Founder 

Our Approach: 

Clean Beauty, Customized

Just like in nature, we humans are composed of an array of colors, textures, contrasts that make each of our bodies, and especially skin unique. Different ethnicities have varying levels of hydration, barrier function and melanin. That's why we customize your face serum with high-performing botanicals, expertly combined to work well for you and not just the influencer you saw use it.  We teach self-love through self-care so you can glow outside and out. 

The idea of glowing inside out embodies the truth that we look how we feel.  For example, if we finally sleep well, it shows both in our personality and skin!

At Ksahai, there is an oil for all skin types, any concern, and every person. 

Our Promise: 

Relax Inside. Radiate Outside.

100% Natural, High Quality Ingredients 

Since the ancient Babylonians, we have addressed skincare and wellness through rituals and tonics with what surrounds us – the power of nature. We honor these traditions by using the highest quality (100% pure, first press, GC/MS tested) oils that are sustainably sourced. 

We also believe we have to live in harmony with nature and not just be takers so we give back 5% of all profits to different organizations that plant new trees all around the world. Go ahead, call us tree huggers. We don't mind. In fact we might be hugging a tree right now.

Skin to Soul Connection:

Because skin is your largest organ, it affects and reflects your physical and mental state.  Our serums are anchors of larger well-being rituals that touch the mind, body and soul. We use layers of meaning in our packaging to engage all the senses. All 5 sense that is, not 6. We're uplifting spirits, not conjuring them...yet. 

The color of our oil blends coordinate to the chakra they balance, each package comes with affirmations that work synergistically with the oils to promote self-love.

Effective Formulas Made for 1 in 3 Billion:

Ideally products would be formulated for each ethnic population. Unfortunately, most products were made and researched for those of European descent sometimes to the detriment of other ethnicities. We believe everybody regardless of skin color, gender or age should feel beautiful and seen so we have created something that is inclusive and meets your needs. 

We want to invoke a deeper sense of love for yourself and skin by celebrating its' unique and beautiful nature.