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Overmedicated America

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The success of drug companies is measured in returns to shareholders, not benefits to patients, families and communities.
Antipsychotics are now the largest revenue producers among all classes of medicines.
4% of our kids are on stimulants for ADD.
11% percent of U.S. adults are taking an antidepressant medicine.
Women receive more prescriptions than men across several drug groups, especially antidepressants.
Nearly 7 in 10 Americans are taking prescription drugs.

What is the Medicine Makeover Challenge?

We're challenging families to take a hard look at the labels in their medicine cabinet and consider their
health-promoting properties in a family and/or community discussion. Here’s how you can get involved.


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Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

We're here to promote real change that starts with the small decisions we make in our everyday lives. We're advocates for natural solutions at 21 drops Essential Oil Therapy and are here to help you take stock of your medicine cabinet and consider natural alternatives without harmful side effects.

Create a list of lifestyle changes you'll try within 30 days to makeover your medicine cabinet and take back your health. Select the products you use below to see suggestions for your natural alternative.

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