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Who We Are

Who we are:

Mother Nature in High Heels

Mission Statement: Connect people with the power of Mother Nature while minimizing our environmental impact by donating 5% of profits to planting trees. 

At 21drops, we believe in the transformational power of mother nature. We believe when all beings are in harmony with nature, true peace and healing occurs.  

Everyone at our Company is passionate about plants and embody our value system. It makes hard decision making easy. It is how we chose to operate in this world. 

Our Values:  

Natural Wellness Backed by Science

We believe in the transformational power of plants and sharing the science behind them. You can find studies of each oil we use in our Essential Oil Guide. We educate and make product decisions that are backed by science and the experience of certified aroma therapists.   Essential Oils are powerful when used correctly; however, they can cause harm if not used properly. This is why we take the guesswork out of which oils go best together and how much of what to use.  Leave that to the experts! 


Create the Best Quality Products

We believe if you are going to do something, do it well! All our oils are 100% organic or wild crafted. We third party test each one for purity and publish the results. We go one step further to only use the first press of any essential oil extraction to get the highest potency. 

When you steep your tea, the first cup is the best and each time you use reuse the tea bag, you get less potency. It’s the same with essential oil extraction.  


Do the Right Thing

We know that our business —from shipping to manufacturing—adds stress to our natural resources. We are continually working to improve our packaging and processes to do less harm than good. Furthermore, we are committed to giving back 5% of all profits to One Tree Planted. 

Beyond giving back to nature, we also believe in doing the right thing by our customers, employees, vendors, and anyone that crosses our path.  

Be Joyful 

Find joy and wonder every day in nature and the amazing world around us! We love what we do and we love you! 


A Note From Our CEO

In 2016, I met the founder, Cary Caster, before she left 21 drops and was impressed with her amazing formulations. My son went from overnight stays in the hospital to not even worrying about the flu. I went from a drained mom addicted to coffee to an energetic mom addicted to essential oils. My skin glowed, and my brain fog had finally lifted. I knew this company had to live on and continue the essential journey to find natural solutions to support living our best life. I believe there is a strong link between the products we use on our bodies and in our homes to our health, beauty, and overall wellness. 

21drops’ mission is to provide the highest quality natural solutions for your health, beauty and home while building authentic relationships with the people we serve and in the communities in which we live.

Thank you for your support!


Kavita Sahai, CEO 21 drops