How Essential Oils Work


Diffusers which use water need heat to create the vapor. What people don’t realize is this heat can cause the chemical structure of the essential oil to be altered. The water vapor also dilutes the oils so you aren’t getting the full strength of the oils into the air. Most diffusers that use water vapor also use plastic components. Plastic and heat have the possibility of releasing more toxic plastic VOCs (Volatile organic compounds into the air, so you are not only breathing the therapeutic oils but vapor and VOC’s.

Our 21 Drops® Diffuser Delivers Pure Essential Oils Only:

• Heat free preserves oil integrity

• Water free - no dilution of oils with water vapor

• Sleek and easy to use

• Glass nebulizer, no plastic parts

• Natural Bamboo Base

• Use with pure essential oils only

• Adjustable flow settings

• Ambient yellow lighting

• High quality and reliable

• Intermittent dispursing 5 min on 10 min off

• Adjustable output • Auto turn off after 3 hours.