Uplift Roll On (SALE)

Uplift Roll On (SALE)

Feeling low from time to time is a normal part of life. Uplift can help ease you through it and is highly effective when used over a sustained period of time to raise spirits, brighten outlooks and cheer moods! Original Price was $33.

8ml/.27fl oz
I am comforted. I am encouraged. I am light.

Ingredients Ingredients

Uplift fuses the 100% natural essential oils of:

  • German Chamomile aids emotional healing
  • Helichrysum buoys the spirit 
  • Lavender nurtures, balances emotions
  • Rose soothes the heart, eases despair

Blended in 100% organic Jojoba Oil.

Does Not Contain Does Not Contain

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Petrochemicals
  • Phthalates
  • GMOs
  • Triclosan

Nor is it animal tested.

How to Apply How to Apply

For maximum benefits, apply generously, rolling on in a circular motion, 5x each, to wrists, neck and heart. Inhale deeply after each application. Reapply frequently throughout the day to beat the blues.

Things are looking up! Well, with this blend they are going to. Uplift will help pave the way emotionally as you focus on good times and good vibes.

Powered by helichrysum essential oil sourced from unsprayed crops in Croatia, it's known as the "honey for the psyche".

Clients of 21 Drops believe this blend puts a special pep in their step and lifts their spirits. Every day is not a sunny one and this blend goes a long way to deliver sunshine when needed.

I use #12 Uplift for those days that throw you a surprise that you really don’t want. Some days I just need a little boost to make it through the day.

~ Jen Hill